Oculus Instructions

Oculus Quest 2 Instructions

Please use headset indoors only. The sunlight and outdoors will cause the headset to not work properly.

  • Open Oculus Quest 2 box and remove headset and controllers
  • Pull and remove black plastic tabs from bottom of controllers
  • Hold down the small button on the right side of headset to power on
  • Put on headset and follow the on screen instructions. Make sure you are holding the controllers. You will need to connect to wifi, so make sure you are somewhere with a wifi network
  • After you complete the initial setup instructions and watch the intro video, the headset will take a few minutes to update. You may remove your headset during this time
  • Download the Oculus app from the App Store on your phone
  • Open the Oculus app. It will walk you through to create an account by signing up with your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you’ll have to create one.
  • After creating your account, make sure you’re logged into the Oculus app
  • Now pair your headset with your app by clicking “Devices” at the bottom of the app
  • If not prompted to connect the headset, click the “+” in the upper right hand corner of the app
  • Select “Quest 2” and press “continue”. The app will now pair with your headset
  • Put on your headset and controllers. You will now be prompted to create a “Guardian”. This creates a digital boundary to help keep you from tripping or bumping into things in your environment
  • Follow any on screen instructions
  • Your Oculus Quest is now set up!

Now comes the most important part.

  • Please send an email to vr@intothenowvr.com with the subject “ITN beta app” and give what email address you used to create your Oculus/Facebook account.
  • This will add your headset to a beta program that will allow you to download the INTO THE NOW app and view all the episodes.
  • Once you have submitted your email address, you will receive an email From OCULUS with the subject line: Release Channel Offering from Vanishing Ocean, LLC on Oculus.
  • Open the email and accept by clicking “this link” in the second paragraph.
  • You should now find the INTO THE NOW app available for download on your Oculus Quest 2!
  • Go to the app section on your headset (the 9 little dots in a square)
  • Then click on the Into The Now app
  • Once you click that, the next screen will ask to allow permissions to access the device — Click ALLOW
  • Next a screen will ask permission to record audio — Click DENY
  • Your Into The Now app will now be installed and ready to go!
  • You will see all 9 of the episodes listed in a gallery. Click and download each of the episodes and enjoy!