Into the Now, from photographer, filmmaker and explorer Michael Muller, is a new immersive experience designed to share the ocean’s most sacred places with people, wherever they are. Passion to conserve the ocean and these animals comes directly from connection and experience. People will only fight to protect what they love.

Swim out of the cage with great whites, whales, and through millions of sardines. A world only a handful of people will ever experience is now at your fingertips. Into the Now is a series of 9 immersive films for your mobile or tablet, download them now in the app store.

Into the Now

created by Michael Muller

In collaboration with MICHAEL SMITH and MORNE HARDENBERG

Into The Now

Into the Now offers a unique look at our oceans and the creatures that call it home; by capturing the most spectacular events in marine life, or what director Michael Muller calls, "the holy grails of diving."

The story is told through Muller's personal journey of overcoming his deep fear of sharks, to the point that he could dive cage-free with great white sharks.

The nine-film series serves as an extraordinary path for viewers to experience the oceans firsthand. People can dive into the waters of the Galapagos, Cuba, Lanai, and more where they swim under whale sharks, with great whites, and in a pod of dolphin being led by a baby.

Michael Muller believes that, "People only protect what they love. To finally have a way to bring people along with me to witness nature in all its glory gives me a little hope that a seed will be planted in just one girl or boy. And that when they view this series, they're inspired to go on to find the desperately needed solutions our planet faces."

Through Into the Now, Muller hopes to share the wonder of the oceans with the next generation like Jacques Cousteau did for past generations.
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